Creative Europe – Art Therapy Project – Entuziart

Our project aims to foster a collaborative network across Europe, focusing on training and experience exchange between professionals in the field of creative arts therapies. This encompasses a broad spectrum of disciplines including art therapy, dance therapy, amniotic therapy, music therapy, therapeutic photography, and VR therapy.

Our objective is not only to enhance the specialization of professionals but also to educate the general public about the benefits of these therapeutic approaches.

Our project would involve:

Art Therapy & Dance Therapy Workshops in Psychiatric Institutions for ameliorating the life of the patients.

Professional Exchange and Training: Facilitating workshops, seminars, and internships for professionals to share expertise and innovative practices in creative arts therapies.

Public Education and Engagement: Conducting public seminars, exhibitions, and interactive sessions to raise awareness and understanding of the role and benefits of creative arts therapies.

Inclusive and Accessible Performances: Organizing events that demonstrate the therapeutic power of creative arts, accessible to people from all walks of life.

Creative Arts Therapies Festival: Hosting a festival that showcases the diverse applications of creative arts therapies, serving as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and public engagement.

To actualize this vision, we are seeking to establish a partnership with like-minded organizations across Europe. We believe that through this partnership, we can create a robust and dynamic European network that champions the growth and recognition of creative arts therapies. This collaboration will not only benefit our respective organizations but also contribute significantly to the field at large. We are eager to discuss this opportunity further and explore how we can work together towards these goals.

The Entuziart Association engages in strategic collaborations with two psychiatric hospitals, offering a range of specialized workshops in art therapy, dance therapy, music therapy, and therapeutic photography. This engagement extends to notable partnerships with psychiatric institutions in both Bucharest and Timisoara. The Association’s commitment to therapeutic arts is further exemplified by its ongoing provision of art therapy, dance therapy, music therapy, and amniotic therapy workshops, specifically tailored for special schools in the Bucharest area.

In addition to its hands-on therapeutic work, the Association has established a consistent and mutually beneficial partnership with the University of Bucharest. Through this collaboration, Entuziart contributes to academic excellence by providing informative seminars and practical training opportunities for students in the Faculty of Psychology. This not only enriches their academic experience but also equips them with real-world skills.

Furthermore, the Association is at the forefront of advocating for the diverse spectrum of art therapies. It actively promotes awareness and understanding of these therapeutic approaches by regularly organizing exhibitions of outsider art. These exhibitions are complemented by a series of informative seminars, aimed at highlighting the efficacy and transformative power of art therapy, dance therapy, music therapy, and other creative therapeutic modalities.